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Monday, 04 January 2010 19:40

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Written by Larry Craig
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    To Veterans of America

    Do you feel that you have lost your government to big business and other big donators?  So do I and many, many other people I have talked to.  Is this the government we imagined when we joined the military to protect it.  Did our brothers and sisters die for this type of government we currently have.  I don’t thinks so, and I am mad as hell about it.  What can we do to leave a better version of our government for our kids?  Here is my idea.

    I suggest we organize by creating groups of vets all across this land.  That way we can discuss ideas, format them and send them to this website.  I created this website so that we can all be in and share our ideas and responses.
      This website will become more sophisticated over time.  Each group can have a leader.  From there perhaps each state has a leader and they become the main point of contact to the website so that I don’t get completely overwhelmed.  I am not a leader, so we will pick one out someone in one of these groups.  My idea is that we organize politically. It does not matter to which party we belong.  As we organize let's get involved with politics and some of us run for office.  As we develop the changes we want to see implemented in our government's operation, we can put articles in our local news papers.  I can’t help think that we would get about 100 percent of support from the people of this nation.

    Some of the things that I would like to see change:
  1. Make it unlawful for any individual in our government to take any money or anything of value from any group, business or drug company.  They are the ones that presently own our government and control what legislation comes up before congress.
  2. See that people who get elected to congress actually go home on breaks, have town meeting and ask their constituents how they feel about the things that are coming up for consideration, and actually vote the way their constituents want them to vote.  People of congress should not vote the way their party wants them to vote; only the way their constituents want them to vote.
  3. Find a way to legally reduce the time that someone running for congress can actually run.  Maybe three months.  This would reduce the cost of running tremendously.  The money they use to run for office can only come from individuals, not any particular group of people.  We need to change things so that one voice, one vote, one dollar is the way our legislators get funded.
    I am sure many of you have ideas of your own.  So put them together and send them to me and I will post them on this website.  Also, send me your ideas of how we should organize, develop our website and implement our ideas.  Tell your local newspapers what we are doing along with how to contact your local group.  We will develop our organization as we go.  What shall we call our organization?  Send me some ideas.  No one in our group will have more power than anyone else.  But let’s get it on, the people of the United States of America needs us.  We gave our service to our county once;  let’s do it again for our kid’s sake, and clean up the mess we currently have.
    We will do everything legally and respect the laws of the land.  Let's find a Constitutional attorney. ooha!
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